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Marry for Love not Money

7 Oct

Some Filipinas come across wrongly or rightly as desperate to get a visa out of the Philippines and into another country. The perception sometimes is that they marry just about anyone to achieve that purpose, even to horrible violent men. These filipinas take on the risks of marrying certain men whom had probably shown violent tendencies from the outset.

They have not really calculated the risk. However, most other times, Filipinas are just looking for what every person in the world is looking for. LOVE. So how can a forigenr know if he has found his true love or he is being scammed by someone. How does a Filipina know trhat she too is not being scammed.

I am very lucky as I married a man who wanted me for who I am and what I can offer to his life. We have great kids and there is no pretence or game play. I just so wish that all my Filipina sisters would think along the same lines. There is no point in a trapping a man and to marry just to get out of the Philipines. I do not see how that brings happineess?

I found this on another expat site from a Filipina that married for the right reason. I so agree with her.

Friends thought I was too serious with life and was “all work and no play”. So, after all of their efforts were met by my usual “WHEN-I’M-GOOD-AND-READY-I’LL-ASK-YOU-TO-FIND-ME-A-MAN” retort for several torturing months, I finally surrendered in exasperation just so they’d stop pestering me about it.

To make the long story short, I found love when I wasn’t looking for it, from the last place on earth I’d thought of finding it, and with someone I never dreamed I’d find it with — a foreigner. Of course, love didn’t happen right then and there but the “connection” was instant. I had only met him and yet it felt as though I’d known him all my life. It was as if I’d been created for him, and he, for me and we were two souls fated to meet. It was…… destiny.

Then came the nagging thought of what people would say about “my destiny”. What would my family say? What would my friends and colleagues think? That I was so desperate for a man I had resorted to acquiring one through the internet? That I was no different from those who went for relationships or marriages of convenience?

But then I reminded myself that I already knew what the common perception was on exotic Filipina-foreigner dating even before I met my foreign boyfriend and so, no matter if I had no other reasons for getting involved with him other than that I truly loved him, the world would still choose to believe the worst. I told myself that as long as I’m happy and my conscience is clear, the whole world can believe whatever they want. I couldn’t care less.

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