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Atis in the Philippines

10 Nov
Known internationally as sweetsop

Known internationally as sweetsop


Known internationally as sweetsop, sugar apple or custard apple, the Atis is one fruit you can easily grow even if you have only a square meter of soil. The atis tree grow just about anywhere a seed falls. And it grows fast so that you can get to harvest fruits in a little over a year from seedling stage. A tree bears fruits about three times a year: in the summer, during rainy season and towards Christmas. The best batch of fruits, those with thicker and sweeter flesh, comes out in the summer.

And if you’re interested in growing an atis tree in your backyard, here’s a warning: bats and birds love the fruit. This means that you have to harvest the fruits once these are mature. Don’t wait for the fruits to ripen (which would actually give you the sweetest type of atis) as the bats and birds may beat you to that one big fruit you’ve been reserving for yourself.

Since I am very interested in health benefits of fruits and vegetables, I want to share what I found out from my researches.
1. Helps prevent asthma (Vitamin C – 151%)
2. Helps control sugar levels (Fiber – 44%)
3. Keeps the heart healthy (Vitamin B6 – 25%)
4. Lowers blood pressure levels (Potassium – 18%)
5. Helps the body produce energy (Thiamin – 18%)
6. Maintains supply of other B vitamins in the body (Riboflavin -17%)
7. Keeps bones strong (Magnesium – 13%)
8. Helps lower cholesterol levels (Niacin – 11%)
9. Helps maintain thyroid health (Copper – 11%)
10. Help prevent pregnancy problems (Folate – 9%)


I love The Philippines for Vacation

29 Oct

Children in the Philippines

24 Aug

Children in the Philippines are highly respectful and many are treated with a family closeness which does not compare to many other countries. Young children are given the all familiar godfathers and godmothers to watch over them in their adolescent lives. In marriage another type of Ninong or god-relative is given to help those families in times of need and trouble. Marriages that are in consistent demand of Ninongs can often lead to a huge problems within the family. Though no country in the world is perfect the Philippines has a history of togetherness, which is envied by so many.


. Without love and admiration to all around them, children can and often do cause couples to divorce in the Philippines.

. Without love and admiration to all around them, children can and often do cause couples to divorce in the Philippines.

When receiving respect with Filipino children, whether it is with a foreign sibling or not, one should lay the ground rules for the younger ones. Not only does this introduce admiration to them but often leads to a family which will grow to be happier in life. This is true with any family, but here the implementation is much easier due to their strong beliefs and a good will towards one another. Family means everything here and throughout their life someone is watching over them, whether it be from birth or to their dying days.


Those that choose to not form a class of respect habitually find themselves dealing with issues which have far reaching problems. Filipino children who are not held with that type of regard will often not give what they receive. Undoubtedly this will lead them down a path which will cause unheard issues. Giving respect is a two way street, something we all hopefully comprehend. Problems which tend to be overlooked in a busy Western world are given priority here.

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