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Malta and the Philippines

30 Oct

There used to be only two countries in the world – the Philippines and Malta – in which divorce was illegal. But now, citizens of the Mediterranean nation voted in favour of divorce legalization, leaving the Philippines now the only country in the world which still bans divorce. There is no divorce in the Philippines.

Couples locked in difficult and unhappy marriages could only sigh in frustration. Malta’s decision to legalize divorce has reignited debate here at home. Will the Philippines ever legalize divorce?

A women’s rights group is deviating from the safer position and is instead pushing for the legalization of divorce in the Philippines. However, in a Congress of more than 200 lawmakers, the Gabriela Women’s Party would need all the support it can get. Luz Ilagan, the lawmaker representing the group, said that divorce has been widely recognized around the world as a legitimate option for couples trapped in difficult relationships.

At present, prevailing laws provide relatively difficult options for couples who want to separate. These are legal separation and annulment or a declaration of nullity of marriage.

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