Pagudpud and the Patapat National Park of Luzon

1 Dec
The Patapat National Park sits on the high coastal mountains north of Pagudpud

The Patapat National Park sits on the high coastal mountains north of Pagudpud

Pagudpud and the Patapat National Park is a hidden gem on the island of Luzon. In its northern most region, Pagudpud is a direct link to the famous Batanes Islands. Located 560 kilometers due north of Manila it can be reached by car, van, bus or airplane. Land transportation is great for those on a budget but the 10 to 12 hour trip from Manila is not for everyone. Flights from Manila take approximately 45 minutes and land in the Laoang City airport. From Laoang City to Pagudpud is an additional 1 hour travel.

The Patapat National Park sits on the high coastal mountains north of Pagudpud. The park consists of approximately 5,800 hectares and is a protected land mass for future generations to visit and enjoy. Hiking throughout the park is a vacationer and local pastime here. The 4th longest bridge is located at the very edge of the Patapat National Park. The Patapat viaduct is an extension of the highway system which surrounds all of Luzon. Here, tall Cordillera Mountain Ranges run along the highway and viaduct system and are some of the longest mountains range in all the Philippines.

Within the region of the Patapot National Park is the Pasaleng Bay. The bay is the entrance to wide white sand beaches and beautiful waterfalls. Kabigan Falls is a hot spot and a must see when in Pagupud. A guided tour and park entrance fee of 20 peso is well worth the time to see this beautiful falls. While in the forest ask your guide to take you to the cool springs which flow through the region.


The Blue Lagoon located in Pagudpud is a famous beach spot. This secluded beach on Maria-Ira Point has waters so clear and blue it will simply amaze you. Saud Beach is the choice of everyone who visits the province. With beautiful nippa huts, swaying palm trees and ocean breezes, where else can you have it all? For those that love the water but also love adventure try your hand at kite-surfing. Pagupud is a top destination for kite-surfing sports. Anyone can watch but those interested in learning the sport can easily find a shop that teaches kit-surfing before taking to the waters.

From zip lines to 4 wheeler rentals there isn’t much in Pagupud that you can’t see or do. Many top notch resorts line the waters throughout the area. For those budget minded travelers try your hand at staying in a private residence. Enjoy a private room with only a shared bathroom which is a small price to pay for such a cheap price (normally 250 to 500 peso).  For those wanting to stay a few days be sure to bring along plenty of cash as there are no ATM machines within Pagupud, the nearest being over 1 hour away.

Pagupud is known for many things and those seeking a tranquil vacation in the northern regions of the Philippines find what they’re looking for in Pagupud. Those on their way to Batanes Islands can stay a few days on the mainland here. With great food, fun and adventures galore, why go anywhere else?


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