Atis in the Philippines

10 Nov
Known internationally as sweetsop

Known internationally as sweetsop


Known internationally as sweetsop, sugar apple or custard apple, the Atis is one fruit you can easily grow even if you have only a square meter of soil. The atis tree grow just about anywhere a seed falls. And it grows fast so that you can get to harvest fruits in a little over a year from seedling stage. A tree bears fruits about three times a year: in the summer, during rainy season and towards Christmas. The best batch of fruits, those with thicker and sweeter flesh, comes out in the summer.

And if you’re interested in growing an atis tree in your backyard, here’s a warning: bats and birds love the fruit. This means that you have to harvest the fruits once these are mature. Don’t wait for the fruits to ripen (which would actually give you the sweetest type of atis) as the bats and birds may beat you to that one big fruit you’ve been reserving for yourself.

Since I am very interested in health benefits of fruits and vegetables, I want to share what I found out from my researches.
1. Helps prevent asthma (Vitamin C – 151%)
2. Helps control sugar levels (Fiber – 44%)
3. Keeps the heart healthy (Vitamin B6 – 25%)
4. Lowers blood pressure levels (Potassium – 18%)
5. Helps the body produce energy (Thiamin – 18%)
6. Maintains supply of other B vitamins in the body (Riboflavin -17%)
7. Keeps bones strong (Magnesium – 13%)
8. Helps lower cholesterol levels (Niacin – 11%)
9. Helps maintain thyroid health (Copper – 11%)
10. Help prevent pregnancy problems (Folate – 9%)


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