Did you come to the Philippines for a visit?

25 Oct

Did you come to the Philippines for a visit?  Did you come here to visit family of your wife?  Maybe you came for business trip?  Just for holiday?

Coming here to the Philippines for any of those reasons is very dangerous, and you must consider this before your travel.

No, I am not talking of bombs, kidnapping or guns.  What do I mean?  Philippines can be addictive!

Why is the Philippines so addictive?  My foreign friends say it just gets into their blood. Philippines, Filipinas!  Ha ha, sorry I must throw in about the Filipina, because they love the ladies so much.

Why is the Philippines addictive for the  foreigners?  Why can they not get   enough of the Philippines?

Warning for all travellers to the Philippines:  You may never be able to leave.  If you do leave, it maybe just temporary.  Philippines will haunt you for a long, long time.


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