Mega Manila, Philippines

20 Sep

One of the best change I discovered during my most recent trip to Mega Manila, Philippines is the completion of Manila Ocean Park, cited to be the best tourist attraction created to date, it brought something exciting and new in the country’s capital and the main one reason why I was looking forward to my recent trip to the Mega City.

very first state-of-the-art Oceanarium, open water habitat, boutique mall, restaurant row and function facilities all located in one complex in the country. Being situated at the back of Quirino Grandstand, facing Manila Bay, it gives a perfect ambiance to the facility that brings the best of the water world can offer and a best place to see the most beautiful sunset in the world. An all in one facility for learning, shopping, dining, relaxation, fun and just about anything.

I learned about about Ocenariums on television few years back, the one that I saw that was the Oceanarium in Singapore, and was really amaze by it. From then on I dreamnt of visiting at least once im my life. The very moment I learned that an Oceanarium is about to open in Manila, I was very thrilled and happy, a dream come true.


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